1st January 2017

Hi! My name is harad (hah-rud) and this is my first ever blog post! I thought it would be really cool to do something like this so that I can track all my ideas and thoughts and recollect everything that’s happened. Whether or not other people read my posts, I can always go through them and remember all of my memories. I got the inspiration for this whilst reading the third book in the girl online series,by Zoe Sugg/ Zoella. I want this to be a place I can be really honest and not worry about what other people think about me.

To start off, I want to write down my news years resolutions so that I can remember them, and to make me less likely to make excuses to get out of them!

1) Be more organised, I’m always running late and often leave homework until the day before it’s due in and I nearly miss the train all the time, it would be nice not to panicky at ten past eight every morning!

2) Use your ‘eat smart’ cookbook, I preordered Naomi Smart’s cookbook, which has lots of healthy, plantbased recipes in it. I’m not trying to be plantbased, but it would be nice to try out some new recipes and be a bit healthier. I got the book in September but I didn’t make anything until the other day. I made a chocolate superfood bowl this morning and it was delicious, although I accidentally added too much cacao powder and it was a little strong.

3) Start running again Since it’s been very dark in the mornings, I haven’t been jogging before school. I’ve also had show rehearsals every day after school, so it’s been dark when I’ve gotten home. Running really feels good for me and I feel great for the rest of the day. I want to start running again at least three times a week and stop using the dark as an excuse.

If you’re reading this, I would love to hear any New Years resolutions you’ve made, please share them with me! I hope everyone has an amazing new year, here’s to 2017!

Haradthelion x


10 thoughts on “1st January 2017”

  1. Hey Harad I also just begun the blog on the 1 of Jan 2017…. That is my new years resolution to try something new because I love writing. I want to get out of my comfort zone… Who knows what might come of it. 2. Is to take care of myself regards to health, having a chronic illness like lupus, I have to be on my toes.. So it is all about putting myself first. 3. To remain positive in this negative world.. Always! Don’t worry read you post… Since we are beginners we can follow each other just a suggestion.

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  2. Hello! We are practically the same! I got my inspiration do start a blog in girl online too. As one of my resolutions is to get more out of the world I did this rather then a YouTube account because I was to afraid for that!!! So know here I am. With one blog post that I wrote yesterday on the 1st of January hoping that people will enjoy what I post!! By the way I hope you post more blog posts as I think we have very similar personalities xxxx

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    1. That’s such a cool coincidence! Nice to see someone in the same position as me. I’ll follow you now as it’s so lovely to see your blog. I’ll probably be doing a book review of girl online as well at some point x

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