2nd January 2017

Hi! I think it’s so important to both meet up with family, and to do excercize regularly. Today my family went on a walk with my dads cousin and his sons. We went on a lovely walk through a public woodland trail.

We had a good chat and catch up as we haven’t seen them in a while. The boys played with a ball and I chatted with the adults. We then went to a pub and I ignored my resolutions of being more healthy by having scampi and chips followed by sticky toffee pudding!

We also exchanged late Christmas presents. We gave the eldest a Ted Baker set from boots, the middle an indoor football, and the youngest an avengers costume – which was so cute. I got a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, and my brother got a half-rugby ball thing that I don’t really understand! 

Overall, it was a great day, even if I spent the end of it studying Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde! It’s my last day of the holidays tomorrow and then I’m back in school šŸ˜”

Have a great day!

Haradthelion x


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